Software Support Guidelines

If you wish to contact our support staff, you can call us during AEST business hours on +61-3-9894-0055 or email us using the form below (emails normally only monitored during AEST business hours). Those customers with urgent production queries outside AEST business hours and who have out of hours support contracts can call our toll free number 1800-653-189 (Australia only) to request an immediate callback from support staff.

Click here to check out our support list for all our current products.

Please read the following instructions and send the requested information with your problem report to support (at)

* software versions (mention appropriate software)
* job logs (if mainframe), error logs from server
* input parameters
* description of the problem
* screen capture of any relevant screens showing the error(s)

Also if you need to get a read-out from the mainframe system you can do so by following the below steps.

* When the product abends during normal operation, please re-run it with “//SYSABEND DD SYSOUT=*”, and with MSGLEVEL=(1,1) on the job card.
* Pre-allocate a disk dataset called “out” with a about 100 cyls of space, with a record length of 133 and BLKSIZE of 0.
* In SDSF, place an “s” (not a ?) next to the job and hit enter.
* On the command line type:

PRINT ODSN OUT (and hit enter)
PRINT (and hit enter)
PRINT CLOSE (and hit enter)

* FTP the “out” file to your email machine, converting the EBCDIC, file to ASCII in the process.
* ZIP up the ASCII file, and attach to an email and send it to our support team (this will frequently be a large attachment, in the neighbourhood of 10 MB)

If you require a ZAP for ADAREORG, ADASTRIP or DBAUDIT click here to generate one.