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Welcome to the only comprehensive, modular tcVISION training program currently available in Asia-Pacific with plans to expand to the UK in 2024.

CCA Software Training Academy is a world leader in tcVISION training and offers five levels of hands-on labs designed to give you confidence in using tcVISION for near-real-time data replication and synchronisation.

CCA Software Training Academy’s flexible delivery model offers in-person classroom training led by expert instructors as well as self-paced and live webinar-based online learning modules.

On completion of courses, participants are awarded the CCA Software Training Academy Certificate that verifies your newly acquired skills.
Essentials and Bespoke courses are available, with Advanced and Train-the-Trainer levels available in 2024.

We provide all online resources for the hands-on labs and a Learner Workbook. Interstate trainer transport and accommodation charged separately. All initial participants must complete levels 1 and 2.

Courses Include:1. Essentials
2. Advanced
3. Bespoke Training
4. Train-the-Trainer

Course Details


  • Prequisities: None
  • Course Duration: 3 Days
  • Price: TBC **
  • Target audience: Project Managers, Architects, Developers, and Administrators.

Section 1: Business Transformation with tcVISION
Customer Requirements and Challenges
  • Legacy Systems and Talent Scarcity
  • Data Access
  • Analytics and Big Data
tcVISION Overview
  • Vendor/History
  • BOS Background
Key Capabilities
  • Data Migration - Bulk Load, Dedicated Loader
  • Data Replication/Synchronisation - Near real-time, uni and bi-directional with Conflict Detection and Methodologies
  • Data Transformation - Conditions and Replication Rules
Product Features
  • Multi-platform - Mainframe, RDBMS, Big Data, Streaming Services
  • Unlock Legacy Systems
  • Utilise Modern Streaming Services and Big Data
  • Coexistent Datastores
  • Phased Migration and Modernisation
  • GUI-Based and Command Line Functionalities
  • No Middle-ware Layer
  • Minimise Mainframe Load
  • Modular Design
Estimated Module Completion Time: 1 Hour
Mainframe Manager (Where Present)
  • Started Task or Direct Log Read
Server Manager
  • Linux or Windows
Manager Network
  • Concepts
  • Connections
Repository and Targets
  • Repository - Description and Concepts
  • Target Types and Examples
Control Board
  • Overview
  • Facilities - Components, Repository, Scheduler, Projects/Database Viewer and Manager
  • Options and Settings
Estimated Module Completion Time: 3 Hours
Hardware and Software Requirements


  • Host Agent/Manager
  • Database Specific Considerations
  • Parameter Settings
  • Installation Package and Recommendations
  • Parameter Settings
  • Installation and Recommendations
  • Parameter Settings
  • Installation and Recommendations
  • Parameter Settings
Creation of Data Directories
  • LUW Folders
  • Log Folder
  • Loader File Folders, etc
Firewall and Security Considerations and LDAP
Estimated Module Completion Time: 6 Hours
Repository Creation
  • Set Metadata Repository
  • Credentials
  • Repository Init Script
  • Integrating Scripts
  • Sample Repository Scripts
Repository Maintenance
  • License Maintenance
  • Repository Scripts
  • Repository Backups - Full or Partial
Estimated Module Completion Time: 4 Hours
Target Credentials and Groups
  • Import Dialogues from Source
  • Importing - Import Dialogues from Source and Parameters
DDL Generation
  • Generation of Targets from Control Board
Replication Input and Output Tables
  • Attributes
  • Properties
Replication Linkages
  • Creation - Automatic or Manual
  • Attributes
Processing Rules
  • Concepts
  • Examples, Regular Expression, etc.
Processing Conditions
  • Concepts
  • Available Rules "Out of the Box"
  • Examples
Estimated Module Completion Time: 6 Hours
Processing Stages and Logical Units of Work
  • Concepts
  • LUWs Explained
Script Maintenance and Editing
  • Maintenance - GUI Categories
  • Maintenance Categories on Control Board
Running Scripts
  • Job Schedule Maintenance
  • Optimising Bulk Loads/Script Classes

Advanced (Coming Soon)

  • Prerequisites: Course 1
  • Course Duration: 2 - 5 days
  • Price: TBC **
  • Target audience: Administrators and Developers

Bespoke Training

  • Prerequisites: Courses 1 & 2
  • Course Duration: 2 - 5 days
  • Price: TBC **
  • Advanced skills with bespoke data replication and synchronisation scenarios suited to your own
    business needs
  • We typically require 10 working days to develop your bespoke solution
  • Bespoke course development pricing will depend on content requirements.

Train-the-Trainer (Coming Soon)

  • Prerequisites: Courses 1, 2 & 3
  • Course Duration: 2 - 5 Days
  • Price: TBC **
    Master Trainer course is dependent on which levels of training certification required (Courses 1, 2 & 3)
  • For businesses with medium to large teams requiring ongoing training
  • Flexible, multi-day training courses in Courses 1, 2 & 3 (based on requirements)
  • Master Trainer certification issued by CCA Software Academy
  • We train your selected team member(s) to become tcVISION Master Trainers for your company
  • This course ensures you have in-house capability for ongoing training
  • On completion of training, CCA Software Academy will test your trainees to ensure they have the required Courses 1, 2 & 3 skills.
  • Cost for testing and certification of participants trained by your Master Trainer will be included in the price.

** Price is subject to individual training requirements, delivery method and class size.

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