Fast, efficient ADABAS data extraction

ADASTRIP is a powerful utility for extracting data from ADABAS databases and/or backups (whether created by ADASAV or CCA Software’s QDUMP. In a single pass of the input file, ADASTRIP can extract all of the required data from an application for further processing.

Simple parameters specify the field and data selection criteria. Field definitions are automatically extracted directly from the backup or database.


ADASTRIP runs under MVS/ESA and OS 390 or compatible operating systems and supports ADABAS V5.x and V6.x.

ADASTRIP facilitates:

  • Fast data extraction – multi-tasking architecture allows multiple backup tapes to be read in parallel
  • Multiple data extraction requests in a single pass of the backup tape or database
  • “Flattening out” of repeating groups such as PE’s and MU’s via the “normalize” option

ADASTRIP provides numerous benefits in addition to its data extraction capabilities:

  • Suitable batch processes can be transferred away from the production database – even deferred to overnight or weekend timeslots.
  • Reduced computer resources required. Using the ADASTRIP extract files as input to other programs removes the need to read the database – and can substantially improve response times.
  • Simple, efficient data archival and recovery. e.g. selectively restore only current data from backup.

Use as a replacement for ADAULD – ADASTRIP can use a backup as input, rather than the production database. By using a backup as input, consistency of data is guaranteed across multiple runs (whereas production databases are volatile by nature).