tcVISION is a cross-system solution for timely, bidirectional data synchronisation and replication based on changed data. It turns data exchange into a single-step operation.

tcVISION has been used by more than 100+ businesses worldwide. tcVISION helps organisations unlock their data in real-time to support their varying requirements – whether it’s CCA Software or CCA’s technology partner ecosystem (including BOS Software and other distributors like Treehouse Software).

tcVISION takes the guesswork, complexity and risk out of legacy platform data replication with a mature, industrialised solution. It incorporates out of the box (OOTB) accelerators including connectors that support legacy with modern and emerging technologies from market leading partners. The product is completely extensible and interoperable with a living product roadmap that ensures we are ready for the next database technology. But more importantly, we are able to on-board the next technology – more than likely it’s on our roadmap driven by another client’s requirements.

What is tcVISION?

tcVISION is a cross-platform solution for near real-time, bi-directional data synchronisation and replication with single-step data exchange.

It provides a complete multi-dimensional data integration solution which is timely, fast, efficient and secure, giving you access to the same data everywhere.



  • High integration potential based on Multiple Change Data Capture technologies, depending on change frequencies and latency times
  • Intuitive data mapping offering comprehensive functions for data type conversion and data transformation
  • Comprehensive conversion of historically developed mainframe data structures
  • Continuous near real-time processing
  • Automatic or user-controlled data preparation/transformation (ASCII – EBCDIC for the target; conversion, reformatting, interpretation etc)
  • Support of relational and non-relational databases

User Friendly

  • Comprehensive monitoring and logging of all data movements for transparency and auditability across all data exchange processes
  • Integrated database specific “Apply” function to merge the data into the target system, eg. direct Insert, Update, Delete, or via JSON or DBMS loader
  • Integrated metadata repository with history management to maintain all data structures and data exchange rules
  • Key management for non-indexed data
  • Integrated pooling/streaming processes avoid programming effort and message queueing to prevent data loss due to unavailability of the target system or delays

Data Integrity

  • Automatic collision detection and loopback prevention for bi-directional replication prevents undesired backflow of data to the source of the change
  • Practice-proven processes to restart replication in the event of system failures such as database errors, transmission errors
  • Master Data Management to ensure data consistency
  • Referential integrity through transaction-bound data transfer


Cost Reduction

Time Efficiency


Freedom and Independence

Mitigation of Skills Shortages

tcVISION components

Transformation platform
with repository

The tcVISION platform contains all the facilities for automatic data mapping to generate metadata for sources and targets, the rule set for extracting the data from the source and the transformation/processing of the data for the target systems.

It also includes the implementation into the targets. A cost-effective system platform such as UNIX or Linux is recommended for operating the tcVISION transformation platform although tcVISION also runs on Windows.

Dashboard/Administration GUI

The tcVISION dashboard is provided for administration, review, operation, controlling, and monitoring of all data exchange processes. The tcVISION Command Line Utilities can be used to automate data exchange processes as well as unattended operation of data synchronisation processes.

Data Sources and Targets

The data within tcVISION is exchanged between source and target compressed and in “raw format” via TCP/IP. The data exchange is limited to a minimum.

tcVISION offers a comprehensive coverage of source and target platforms including mainframes, relational databases, Big Data and modern streaming services.

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