Direct access to data and applications in a z/System environment from distributed environments, Cloud and Hadoop platforms.

Mainframe users face a special challenge

Often, more than 70% of the transactional data resides on the mainframe – therefore the data is incompatible with direct processing from LUW, Cloud and Hadoop systems.

tcACCESS allows the user or programmer to access not only DB2, but also all non-relational mainframe sources such as VSAM, DL/I, IMS/DB, Adabas1, Datacom/DB2, IDMS/DB, etc. with standard SQL commands, viz. from a relational view.

A tcACCESS ‘driver’ enables read and write access to mainframe data via standard interfaces like ODBC, JDBC/J2EE or via .NET, C, C++, C#, OLE DB and Apache Sqoop or Apache Spark from a client/server application (LUW), a web server or Cloud environment.

ODBC/JDBC Driver Support for the Following Data Sources

  • VSAM
  • DL/I
  • IMS/DB
  • Datacom/DB
  • Adabas


Stored Procedure Support: Calling Existing Mainframe Programs

Data Exchange via Integrated Up- and Download Functions

Revision Safety and Security

tcACCESS Open System Transparency

Application Areas

  • Data visualisation: Presentation of data from different sources and systems as virtual data source
  • Data integration from mainframe to LUW based applications such as Office applications such as MS-EXCEL, MS-Word, MS-ACCESS, OpenOffice and LibreOffice.
  • JDBC access to diverse IBM mainframe data from web applications and web application servers
  • Re-engineering of 3270 user interfaces
  • Mainframe application modernisation
  • SOA integration of mainframe data and applications
  • Direct access to mainframe data from Cloud and Hadoop platforms with Apache Sqoop or Apache Spark
  • Easy and efficient upload and download of mainframe data e.g. to MS-EXCEL, MS-ACCESS or reporting tools


  • Quick reaction to new requirements in the field of analytics and reporting through direct access
  • Integration through standard interfaces like ODBC and JDBC drastically reduces or even nullifies the programming effort for data integration across systems
  • Significant time savings for data integration in heterogeneous system environments
  • Quick use of mainframe data with new technologies
  • High responsiveness to new requirements
  • No mainframe know-how necessary for working with mainframe data
  • Less coordination effort in projects across systems
  • No investment in middleware necessary
  • Ideal use of all resources
  • No training effort
  • Avoids redundancies
  • Automatisation instead of manual intervention
  • More security and independence through standardisation instead of individual solutions
  • The integration of new technology has no limitation in the mainframe environment

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