Revolutionising Data Management: How CCA’s Innovative Solutions Transformed a Large Australian Government Security Organisation

A large Australian government security organisation, a significant Federal Government Department based in Canberra, recently underwent a major reorganisation, merging with multiple entities. The organisation faced the challenge of streamlining its data management processes to enhance operational efficiency and decision-making. In this case study, we explore how CCA’s innovative data replication services transformed the organisation’s data infrastructure, enabling them to focus on delivering critical downstream applications.


Following the reorganisation, the large Australian government security organisation urgently needed to replicate mainframe data from various entities to an existing data warehouse. This process was crucial to their broader data rationalisation and data warehousing strategy, aimed at achieving near-real-time data replication to a common landing database platform. The organisation encountered challenges with data reconciliation, operational implementation, and designing Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability facilities.


CCA stepped in, providing the large Australian government security organisation with a comprehensive suite of technical and consulting services. Their team of experts installed and configured the tcVISION data integration tool, enabling seamless bulk loading and near-real-time data replication. Additionally, CCA worked closely with the organisation, designing new replication processes to accommodate mainframe application structure changes that would otherwise be impossible within the standard outage window availability. The consulting services also included assistance with operational implementation, data reconciliation, and designing DR and High Availability facilities.


CCA’s support revolutionised the large Australian government security organisation’s data management process. The seamless data replication solution allowed the organisation to “set and forget” the replication process, enabling them to focus on delivering new downstream applications. With CCA’s help, the organisation gained access to timely data-driven insights, improving their decision-making and overall operational efficiency.


By partnering with CCA, the large Australian government security organisation successfully navigated the complex challenge of merging data systems after their reorganisation. CCA’s tailored solutions and expertise in data replication proved to be invaluable, streamlining the organisation’s data management processes and paving the way for future growth. This case study highlights the power of collaboration and innovative data solutions, empowering organisations like the large Australian government security organisation to operate more efficiently and make data-driven decisions.