IT modernisation & new data platform for Victoria’s transport department

VicRoads is an essential government organisation responsible for managing the road network, vehicle registrations and driver licensing in Victoria, Australia. With approximately 30 million transactions per year, it’s vital that they provide efficient and modernised customer service.


VicRoads faced multiple issues due to its outdated legacy mainframe system, including inflexibility, increasing costs, and poor customer service, risking reputational damage. They had attempted to modernise their platform previously, but it failed due to complexity and costs. They needed to act urgently to address their legacy mainframe system to take advantage of new technologies and improve customer service.


VicRoads partnered with CCA to develop a new data platform, allowing them to redesign their mainframe data and deliver mainframe data more efficiently. With CCA’s expertise, they developed a flexible data platform that served as a single source of truth, enabling VicRoads to take control of future application development. Using the tcVISION tool for data synchronisation, the client could concentrate on delivering a new business service that automates the transfer of vehicles while the replication process was taken care of.


With CCA’s services and ongoing support, a new data platform was developed using tcVISION for automated data replication and synchronisation. VicRoads was able to provide online services and make subsequent improvements, expanding their services. By co-creating with the CCA team on-site, VicRoads received assistance with the design of the operational implementation, data reconciliation, recovery, and design of High Availability facilities. The result was a modernised system that allowed for more effective use of resources and time, delivering the online service delivery their customers demanded.


VicRoads’ partnership with CCA has provided an innovative solution to revolutionising their customer service, enabling incremental transforming of their legacy mainframe system into a modernised, flexible data platform. By co-designing and developing this solution, VicRoads is now able to take advantage of new technologies, save costs, and provide efficient and modernised customer service.