Deutsche Leasing Group’s tcVISION Success: Modernising Mainframe Data Management

Deutsche Leasing Group provides finance solutions, investments, and custom solutions such as transport, energy, healthcare, factoring, and receivables management. With a presence in 23 countries and over 2,500 employees, Deutsche Leasing Group offers holistic advice to its customers across various sectors and business models.


Deutsche Leasing Group’s goal was to move data from mainframe databases to ORACLE without modifying existing applications while saving processing time and meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Deutsche Leasing Group implemented tcVISION Batch Compare processing to capture changes in VSAM files. At the end of the batch window, tcVISION used intelligent comparison mechanisms to determine the changes and propagate them into ORACLE. All tcVISION processes were automated and put into production in a short period.


The implementation of tcVISION allowed Deutsche Leasing Group to save processing time and significantly reduce the load on the mainframe. The organization was able to meet SLAs without modifying existing applications, and all tcVISION processes were automated, which saved an average of 6 hours of processing time every day.


With outstanding customer support provided by tcVISION, Deutsche Leasing Group was able to implement the solution smoothly and efficiently. The team listened to the organisation’s needs and recommendations, making it a stress-free experience. By implementing tcVISION, Deutsche Leasing Group was able to modernise its systems, save processing time, and meet all SLAs without disrupting existing applications.