ADASIGHT – a comprehensive low overhead performance monitor and analysis tool for ADABAS C on the server platforms.

ADASIGHT is an efficient and powerful performance monitoring tool for NATURAL/ADABAS applications running on the server platforms(LUW), including Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, and Linux. ADASIGHT is designed to provide the maximum information on Natural applications while minimizing the impact on those systems being monitored.

The ADASIGHT online application can be used to control the ADASIGHT environment, such features as tracing command activity at all or enabling passive no impact mode of operation. Simply logging into the Browser based application and turning tracing on enables the DBA or sysadmin to capture previously unavailable performance statistics and an additional level of diagnostic trace capabilities.

ADASIGHT’s primary function is that of performance monitoring – data is collected and stored in the internal database tables for later retrieval and analysis. The ADASIGHT Online application provides a number of standard reports and also enables this data to be exported to external applications such as Spreadsheets, Word processors or RDBMS tables for further analysis.

ADASIGHT environment and facilities

ADASIGHT has been designed to run on most server platforms that support ADABAS v6.x and Natural v6.2x and above. It is based on the standard NATURAL and ADABAS facilities provided by Software AG.

ADASIGHT will have no impact upon the database being monitored.

Currently, ADASIGHT runs under the Solaris 9/10 platform (RISC), Linux (i86, x64) and IBM AIX 6.1+. Future versions will be released for the Windows Server and HP/UX 10/11 platforms as required.

ADASIGHT’s Benefits:

ADASIGHT provides numerous benefits to the sysadmin, DBA and Natural programmer. The primary benefit is the ability to monitor the ADABAS environment and diagnose poorly performing applications prior to them being released into production;

Improved QA due to the ability to trace Natural programs during testing phase prior to production implementation;


Online Monitor is web-based and can used from any network connected PC or web browser;
Simple to install and implement; menu driven means technical staff can be up to speed in as little as a few hours;
Summary data allows reports from previous monitoring sessions to be exported to analysis tools such as excel where it can be analyzed and reviewed offline in great detail.