Simple, fast & efficient ADABAS File Restructuring Utility for ADABAS on z/OS, UNIX & Windows systems.

ADAREORG is a fast, efficient and powerful utility for restructuring the physical structure of ADABAS databases at the file [or table] level. It enables the physical structure of an ADABAS database to be changed with minimal effort, risk and resource usage.

ADAREORG empowers the DBA to quickly and easily respond to any physical database restructuring demands due to changes in application requirements.

ADAREORG makes it easy to change ADABAS file structures. The DBA can:

  • Insert or delete fields anywhere in a file, even in a Periodic Group (PE)
  • Create subsets of existing files based on comparisons of specified fields
  • Convert data formats, e.g. field type conversions, changes in length, or to move fields into or out of periodic groups or multi-valued fields
  • Reorder fields within a record
  • Manipulate data at sub-field level
  • Join two files, which may be compressed or decompressed
  • Move undertake specialized conversions with the field level user exits.

ADAREORG benefits:

  • Field definitions (ADACMP cards) are automatically extracted from the unloaded file for input
  • Simple parameters specify the processing rules and changes to field definitions by output ADACMP cards
  • All changes can be generated from the data dictionary or manually
  • Reduced computer resources required. Decompression is performed on a record by record basis in a single step removing the need for large volumes of space
  • Removes the need for specialist Natural programs to convert data
  • Easily move binary encoded alpha fields from poorly designed data structures to more modern structures with a simple set of parameters, no programming needed (on the data conversion side)
  • Input can be either compressed unloaded files or decompressed flat files
  • Ease of use, ADAREORG puts unparalleled control and flexibility in the hands of the DBA. Making difficult (or even impossible) data reformatting chores, simple, fast, safe and efficient.