Data Migration

ADAMAGIC facilitates the migration of ADABAS mainframe databases to ADABAS on UNIX (eg. Sun Solaris, HP/UX or IBM/AIX), Linux (Redhat, Suse etc) and Windows.

ADAMAGIC can also be considered CCA’s server version of our popular mainframe ADASTRIP product. It can be used to extract flat files, CSV files and normalised files suitable for input into RDBMS applications.

Input into ADAMAGIC can be a full ADASAV backup (online or standalone) or UNIX ADABCK backup files, either on disk or cartridge(s). Output files are created in compressed UNIX ADABAS form (ready to be loaded into ADABAS), or into one of several flat file formats suitable for loading into any RDBMS database or third party application such as a spreadsheet.

ADAMAGIC can be used to convert all application data files from mainframe EBCDIC ADABAS database to equivalent compressed or flat files in a UNIX/Windows ASCII file format.


  • Convert mainframe ADABAS databases to ADABAS under UNIX/Windows
  • Convert mainframe ADABAS databases to ASCII flat files, CSV files or normalised files
  • Process mainframe files while extracting them to any format desired
  • Use comprehensive selection criteria to extract exactly the required data
  • Access raw mainframe historical data on a server platform
  • Populate test databases


ADAMAGIC advantages:

Simplifies the transport of mainframe ADABAS data to the server platform in one simple step thereby minimizing the possibility of error or omissions on the alternative method of processing.

Processing is undertaken on the server platform utilizing the cheaper MIPS available and without impact on production transaction databases.

Simple parameters specify the files to be selected. You can specify that the output file

number is different to the input file number on the backup. Optionally, ADAMAGIC can be run to simply extract the ADAFDU information without extracting any actual data, or to extract FDU and DTA but not DVT.

Files output by ADAMAGIC can be loaded into a database, decompressed, or input to ADAREORG (another utility available from CCA Software) for restructuring prior to being loaded to the Unix database.

Access historical data at a fixed point in time. A great tool for those end-of-month processing tasks. UNIX scripts can be invoked synchronously at the end of each output file to perform additional processing, such as to execute the ADABAS utilities such as ADAFDU and ADAMUP.