TRIM: ADABAS and NATURAL Performance Monitor

Sites need a reliable, effective, and efficient way to monitor ADABAS performance. Treehouse Software offers TRIM, a robust performance monitor for ADABAS and NATURAL. Over 300 sites worldwide use TRIM.

TRIM Real-Time Monitor

The TRIM Real-Time Monitor provides hundreds of performance statistics on-line in real-time, showing:

  • ADABAS activity for the past five minutes and the past five hours by several categories, including:
    • Command code
    • File number
    • NATURAL program
    • NATURAL application
    • User-ID
  • Session statistics, including:
    • Number of ADABAS calls by thread, file, user, etc.
    • Number of calls for a specific file by command code
    • Worst performing commands
    • ADABAS nucleus statistics
    • Nucleus ADARUN parameters
    • ADABAS queues and tables
  • Warnings about queue and table fill-up conditions
  • Traces of performance problems and ADABAS calls by user, job, program, etc.
  • Database Information (ADAREP, on-line, and enhanced)
  • SECURITRE performance statistics
  • ADABAS and TRIM environment information

This information can help the site quickly find and eliminate performance problems. On-line help, PF-Keys, Direct Commands, and other features simplify TRIM usage.

Batch Slowdown

Prime time batch runs could impact on-line performance. TRIM includes a Batch Slowdown feature to enable the site to slow down certain batch jobs to improve on-line response times.

Performance Control and Security

TRIM includes a Dynamic Control and Security facility, which disallows inefficient commands, locks out file access, plugs ADABAS passwords, and performs security checks. This facility prevents many performance problems before they happen.

Command and Protection Log Processing

TRIM also provides batch facilities for processing ADABAS Command and Protection Logs. These facilities produce flat files or hardcopy output, which can assist in performance tuning, chargeback, and capacity planning.

Reduction of Command Log Data

ADABAS Command Logs can contain millions of detail records, one for each command issued. Most sites do not require this level of detail, but need to log only certain detail records, certain buffers, etc. TRIM Dynamic Logging makes this selective logging possible.

In addition, the TRIM PRESUM facility condenses Command Log data by pre-summarizing it in an ADABAS user-exit. These PRESUM statistics are placed directly on the Command Log for later processing by the extensive TRIM batch reporting facilities.