Based on the NIM TP Monitor – provides a high performance, low overhead to the TSO/ISPF interfaces used by programmers in the Natural and ADABAS environments.

NIMISPF is a purpose built to provide those functions most used by programmers enabling them to utilize the efficient NIM Natural user sessions and avoiding TSO completely. While NIM is designed to make full use of the sub-tasking and memory management capabilities of z/OS like operating systems, NIMISPF builds on this architecture to deliver access to all of the facilities a Natural programmer needs to work with directly from their Natural session, completely secured by RACF or ACF2. Typically NIM and NIMISPF will interpose less than 5% overhead for session management for Natural users.

NIMISPF offers maximum benefits to organizations using:

  • OS390, z/OS, z/OSe
  • VTAM, and wish to avoid using a cumbersome general purpose TP monitor.
  • TCP/IP connectivity to mainframe

NIMISPF advantages:

  • Reduced resource overhead, NIM will consume less than 5% of the CPU used by NATURAL sessions.
  • Minimal support required, typically no dedicated support responsibility is required.
  • Ease of Use, A familiar yet streamlined interface for programmers provides all the required TSO-like facilities for application development.
  • System Facilities, NIMISPF provides JOB submission, and monitoring, Dataset management (creation, editing, deleting), SPOOL management. Catalog management and profile management.
  • Economics, The value of NIMISPF in the areas of processing efficiency and reduced support costs, guarantees return on investment within a brief period of time, usually in months.