CCA Software Pty Ltd (CCA) is an established Australian Independent Software Vendor, formed in February 1985 with the goal of assisting organisations to achieve results and value for money by helping them leverage the benefits of their Information Technology (IT) investments.

Today, CCA is part of the Freesoft Asia Pacific group, a global network of companies head-quartered in Budapest Hungary. CCA’s head office is in Melbourne with sales offices in Sydney, Canberra and the UK.  CCA has a global network of partners ranging from the United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, EU, Brazil and Israel.  See our web page for further details.

Our major offerings can be split into six categories:

  • Integration services utilising the Portus SOA infrastructure technologies;
  • Data migration and propagation from mainframe & server data sources to virtually any RDBMS with our tcVISION product;
  • SQL integration for any mainframe data source with tcACCESS;
  • Application re-engineering of legacy applications to a modern multi tier Java J2EE/RDBMS or Microsoft .NET platform;
  • The provision of utilities & specialist system software products for the ADABAS/Natural platform;
  • Specialist Consulting Services, including data migration from mf ADABAS to the server platform (ADABAS or RDBMS).

Portus – from Ostia Solutions, based in Ireland. Portus is SOA infrastructure technology based on open standards. Portus enables customers to solve real world business problems associated with the integration of the disparate technologies used in existing legacy applications.

Data Replication and Propagation – from BOS Software, Germany. CCA distributes tcVision a highly sophisticated bi-directional data propagation & replication solution for virtually any mainframe data source to any target server RDBMS (including DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and any ODBC compliant target). Source/target databases include ADABAS, IDMS, DATACOM, VSAM, DB2, IMS/DB, PDS and flat files on the mainframe and Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 on the server side.

SQL Integration – tcACCESS from BOS, allows any mainframe Datasource to be accessed by standard SQL.

Application Re-Engineering – CCA works with FreeSoft Asia Pacific to provide these services. Visit the website for further details.

CCA’s Utility & System Products

ADAMAGIC – migration and data extraction utility for ADABAS data, whether sourced from mainframe or LUW server platform.

ADASIGHT – performance monitor for ADABAS on server platforms, UNIX, Linux & Windows.

ADAREORG, ADASTRIP, DBAUDIT – our traditional utility products installed in hundreds of sites globally.

NIM and NIMISPF – High performance TP monitor and application development facilities for Natural/ADABAS.

PEEK – ADABAS file browser, removes the need for one adhoc Natural Programs.

CCA also has a long term partnership with Treehouse Software Inc providing their range of ADABAS mainframe utility products. This includes TRIM – the ADABAS performance monitor, N2O – change management for Natural & 3GL’s, PROFILER for Natural – performance tool for Natural, AUDITRE auditing for ADABAS systems and tRelational and DPS batch replication and propagation.

Specialist Consulting Projects – We are able to undertake projects of a short to medium term nature.

Further information is available from our website. Email queries can be sent to