The ADABAS/NATURAL product offerings from CCA's partner Treehouse Software, Inc. (TSI), include PROFILER for NATURAL, a NATURAL quality assurance and testing tool.

PROFILER enables sites to thoroughly test NATURAL applications, resulting in lower maintenance and support requirements.

PROFILER can help identify problem programs and statements, inefficient code, poor application structure, expensive database accesses, and weak test data and procedures.


Ensuring Complete Test Coverage

PROFILER monitors the execution of NATURAL object code, generating statistics from the application level to the NATURAL statement level. Statistics include CPU Time, Database Elapsed Time, Program Run Count, Statement Execution information, and other valuable run-time data. 

PROFILER continuously monitors the execution of NATURAL programs, providing more complete and reliable statistics than "snapshots".

PROFILER shows the percentage of a NATURAL program or application that has been tested. 

PROFILER identifies untested statements in a NATURAL program. Critical test data can be built to satisfy all untested conditions, assuring application quality.

Statistics for copycode are collected during program execution and reported by PROFILER. Blocks of NATURAL Optimized Code are identified.

Background Monitoring

PROFILER Background Monitoring eliminates the need for individual programmers to learn PROFILER or be aware that it is active. Statistics collection can automatically be activated for one or more users, based upon User-ID, Library, Program, and Date/Time.

Flexible, Powerful Reporting Features

PROFILER offers extensive reporting capabilities, showing detailed statistics about the execution of NATURAL programs based on a single User-ID and profiling session.

The PROFILER Enhanced Reporting feature offers additional reports, which combine statistics for multiple users and sessions. With the Enhanced Reporting feature, sites may customize and write their own reports for unlimited reporting possibilities.

For more information regarding this product visit Treehouse's website.

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