The ADABAS/NATURAL product offerings from CCA's partner Treehouse Software, Inc. (TSI), include N2O, a NATURAL application change management system and 3GL support for PANVALET, LIBRARIAN, ENDEVOR, and PDSs.

Applications may consist of hundreds of objects, which may be changed by many programmers. Managing the development and maintenance of applications involves tasks such as:

  • Controlling migrations into production environments Avoiding program overwrites Tracking the current location of a program Verifying that program changes are made Changing all related objects Archiving and recovery
  • Maintaining complete audit trails

Manual change management can be time-consuming and prone to error. CCA's partner Treehouse Software developed N2O to provide cost-effective automated change management for NATURAL objects, SYSERR messages, and PREDICT objects.


Applications often contain non-NATURAL components, such as COBOL or JCL. N2O/3GL, a separately-priced N2O feature, allows the batch migration of 3GL/Other objects stored in partitioned datasets, PANVALET libraries, LIBRARIAN master files, or ENDEVOR stages.

Additionally, N2O/3GL provides Checkout/Checkin and audit trails for 3GL migrations, which allow the N2O Administrator to effectively manage the changes in 3GL environments. 

N2O/3GL uses a site's 3GL repositories for migrating 3GL objects and follows a site's 3GL naming conventions. N2O with N2O/3GL migrates ASSEMBLER, COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/I, and RPG source code, as well as JCL and other data types.

For more information regarding this product visit Treehouse's website.

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