Simple, efficient verification of logical integrity.

DBAUDIT is a flexible utility that facilitates quick and accurate verification of the logical integrity of an ADABAS database. 

DBAUDIT scans a nominated ADASAV backup (thereby avoiding any impact upon production databases) and applies user-supplied verification criteria. Output can be either reports or files containing full details of any database integrity violations, as well as optional control totals and counts. 

DBAUDIT uses a simple but powerful SQL-like command language that allows the DBA or developer to specify verification rules without the need to write programs.

DBAUDIT's verification rules may be:

  • * inter-file (referential integrity);
  • * intra-file; or
  • * intra-record.
  • * Only a single pass of the entire ADASAV backup is required - and only those volumes containing relevant data are analyzed.
  • * Using a backup as input reduces the load on the database and eliminates disk drive contention.
  • * CPU usage and elapsed time are minimized due to DBAUDIT's avoidance of ADABAS calls. Extremely efficient parallel I/O and manipulation algorithms are used to map, decompress and  process data.
  • * Complex verification rules can be easily constructed without the need for special programs.
  • * Flexible control over output, including media and/or reporting content.

DBAUDIT provides unparalleled utility and ease-of-use in the search for application integrity.

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